Guaranteed Rent

  • No void periods
  • No rental arrears
  • No stress from tenants
  • No commissions or monthly fees
  • Full management service included

What is Guaranteed Rent

Guaranteed rent is a simple and straight forward service where we guarantee the monthly rent of your property whether your property is Let or Vacant. There are no monthly fees, commissions and we do most repairs if any issues arise. This service is perfect for Landlords who want complete peace of mind.


No Void Periods

Guaranteed Rent provides added financial security as you do not need to worry about the property being vacant or unpaid rent.


Regular Inspections

We carry our regular inspections to ensure your property is kept in good condition.


No Tenants to deal with

We carry out all the time consuming work including thorough referencing of tenants and the maintenance of your property.


No Fees

There are no fees included in our Guaranteed Rent service. You will receive your full rental every month without any deductions or costs.